August 22, 2009

Why I chose Egypt.

Why not?

I have always wanted to study abroad. Many countries have floated through my head over the years (Ones I know my parents would have been more happy England). But I have never been the one to take to easiest path...and I wanted to go some place different. It is rather simple for me to go to England or France....Egypt not so much. This provided the perfect opportunity! (And my friend Susan went. She is to blame for planting the seed in my head! :-P )

I have always been a history buff and I feel very cheated that in grade school I was never taught ancient, African, or Middle Eastern history. I do not want to be another teacher that continues to ignore half of the world and doesn't teach their students about it. Especially when ancient, African, and Middle Eastern history is arguably some of the most important and most interesting history their is! (YAY Pyramids and Mummies!) Without Muslim scholars the western world would never have known the works of Aristotle. Aristotle's works were translated into Arabic and then crusaders brought his works to the west. Muslim scholars in Baghdad invented the magnetic compass, and the lateen sail. Both of which completely altered the history sailing. And without them Europeans would not have been able to make it around the world, or to America. Muslims were the prime scholars in the world and living in splendor back when the people in England were still living a squalor.

These laps in education merely uneducates the students who are supposed to be learning. Furthermore, it breeds stereotypes and prejudices. (ie...We don't learn about these places therefore they are not important.) This is why I want to go to Egypt. I want to face every stereotypes that I have heard. I want to see for my self what it is like to live in Africa, and in the Middle East. Because clearly living in the United States has not shown me an accurate picture.

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  1. More happy with England? ... not exactly more happy, but possibly a little more comfortable. Dad and I are so proud of you. Just the fact that you even considered such a trip is proof to us that we have raised a mature, adventurous, independent young woman and isn't that what we as parent's dream of for our children? I kind of think so.:) And ... if your trip helps to breakdown even just one person's prejudices then you will have suceeded in your goal. We love you!