August 29, 2009

My first day about town!

Hello everyone! Today an ex student of my Aunts from Bahrain came to pick me up at school and take me out to get what I need. She has two adorable kids a boy (whose actual name I am not going to even try to write) his nickname is Dudu and a little girl Helima. We went and got an Egyptian SIM card for my phone (YAY!!!!) so now I can talk to people here! (This would have been helpful today because I was waiting for Sarah to pick me up; but we ended up at different gates!!! I had to ask someone to borrow their phone to give her a ring...but we found each other!) Then we went to a stationary store (think staples but crammed into a dorm sized room) and I got the school supplies that I needed. (The only thing that I didn't get but I can live without while I'm here is a hair dryer. I fried mine this morning because I forgot to change it to work on the 220 power that they have here. So if you want a good christmas present idea a hair dryer would be wonderful!!! hint hint)

We then went back to her Mother's house where she is staying with her husband and kids until they find a place in Cairo. (They are moving to Cairo from Alexandria) She fed me pizza, which was wonderful because I had only had granola bars all day. She helped me get my phone back into English (from Portuguese Thank You Jess! See I'm a million miles away from you...yet you are in my life every day!) and put minutes onto my phone.

Then we came back to campus! I am writing you this before she picks me up again for Iftar tonight (literally translated it means is when they break the fast of Ramadan). So more food to come! Thank goodness because nothing is open yet here on campus.

I learned some interesting things today about AUC though. All of the roads leading up to the campus are newly paved...becuase Obama was coming through and they wanted it to be nice for him to drive on. There is no masque on AUC campus (this makes me sad because I wanted to hear the calls to prayer. I heard them this afternoon at Sarah's though!). AUC is located in the Desert. Like literally this part of Cairo is being reclaimed and turned into a sew suburb. So 5 years ago I would be in the middle of the Desert. This explains why I saw SOOOOOO much sand on the way here. Everything is changing and being built up. Sarah told me that the city is nothing like what it is like here it is very crowded and chaotic.

My two worries for the coming days are that I figure out this food thing until things get going on campus....and that my door gets fixed! (My door doesn't close all the way so I can't lock it!)

Much love to everyone back home!


  1. Oh no! I'm sorry to hear about the hair dryer :(. Well at least it wasn't the computer that got fried. Email me with your phone number. You never know I may get the urge to call you sometime. LOL Good luck with the food issue. With students on campus now I'd think they would have something open real soon. Yeah, that door problem sounds kind of important as well, keep after them about it. I love the blog! Talk to you soon ... enjoy lftar!

  2. Sarah sounds great! Glad things are going well so far keep up the postings...

  3. Say hi to Sarah for me - Auntie Anne :)