August 29, 2009

I'm in Egypt

Hi Everyone! This will be my first full day in Egypt! I can't wait! My room is quite large there is a lofted bed a large L shaped desk, a wardrobe, and some shelves. But lets start back on the airplane! The flight went well! I remember flying over the Mediterranean Sea and seeing the coast of Africa for the first time. It was pretty and slightly dotted with clouds. Then the closer we got to Cairo and the farther we got away from the water the more the sky changes to a weird gray, tan, pink color. (I am assuming it was the dust in the air...hoping it wasn't pollution! lol) The land looked like what you would expect...large expanses of sand dotted with attempts as growing things and little villages.

All my luggage made it and after waiting for a bit for everyone to figure out what was going on we piled into a van to take us to the school. (and I mean pile) We fit about 14 college well as their luggage into a slightly larger than normal size van. (I took pictures. They will be up later) We drove around for a bit and learned that if you plan of going anywhere in Egypt U turns will be made. (I don't know why but in order to get out of the airport I think we took 3 U turns!) Then we got to campus...when through security AGAIN and were able to get into our rooms. I am in Unit 12: each unit has 3 floors and the roof is a porch area. My floor has 3 doubles on it and one single. (I still don't have a roommate but hopefully I will be getting one today!) The bathroom is nice: two sinks, two toilets, and two showers (and these showers are BIG). The school is beautiful and I can't wait to explore it later!!!

I did get really frustrated when I couldn't get the internets working last night but finally they are up and running! For some reason the fire alarm went off at 11 pm last night and again this one will tell me why. But I see people doing work on something outside so that might be the cause.

I miss home A LOT! But I am really hoping that this semester goes well!! I miss everyone back in the states so very much! I LOVE YOU ALL!

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