August 20, 2009

So you're going to Egypt...

Every time I tell someone that I am going to Egypt I get many different responses and am asked many different questions. Here are just a few of each. 

"Are you going to get to ride a camel?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!" (Maybe. Hopefully!!!! I really hope they just don't spit at me.)

"What religion so people practice over there?" (They are mostly Muslims, however Egypt does have Coptic Christians and Jews.)

"You know those people over there are Muslim right?!?!" (Said like, "You know those people over there are purple, have four legs, and eight eyes." Guess what Muslims are people and human just like me and you! They aren't scary I promise.) 

"You have to bring me home a Mummy!!"  (Ummm don't think I can bring one home through customs)

"You know they killed all their pigs because of swine flu." (Yup I have read the newspapers.)

"Do you speak Arabic?" (Workin on it.)

"What do people speak in Egypt?" (Arabic. But all my classes will be in English. Most of the people in Cairo speak some English.) 

"Are you going by yourself?" (Yup, I enrolled directly into the American University in Cairo.)

"Why would you ever want to go there?" (Asked to me by a guy on base at Ft. Detrick....he just got back from Iraq and didn't understand why I would want to go to the Middle East . Answer: To try to stop stereotypes that people like you keep going.)

"Wait Egypt is in Africa?!" (Yup Egypt is in the upper right hand corner of Africa.)

"Do you have to wear a Burka, hajab, scarf?/ Do you have to cover your head, face, arms, legs, shoulders, insert body part here?" (Around campus no, they are pretty chill about what you wear, you just can't be too reviling. But out in the town I need to cover up and wear long sleeves, and pants. If I go into a mosque then I would cover my head out of respect.)

"Be Safe./ You are going to really stick out./ You are blonde and have blue out." (I will be careful.)

"Why Egypt?" (This is asked of me by everyone and is a blog post entirely by itself.)


  1. Great post Sarah .... I like the wall paper.

  2. cool... cool... cool. you're all set up. i'm so glad you are doing this and i hope you stick with it. i'm very excited to hear about all your adventures over there.

  3. So ... does this mean I don't get a mummy?

  4. Sarah,

    Very cool, I am going to be reading I hope you keep up with it! There are two mean reasons why I will be reading.

    1. I think you will have lots of interesting stories to tell about things you have seen.

    2. I think we all know I don't hold any punches when it comes to my feelings or thoughts on things.... It is my hope that by reading your stories here that you can help to change my mind about Muslims.

    ie. You know it was Muslims that cheered for the "Lockerbie bomber" Yesterday when he got off the plane in Lybia .