August 30, 2009

Iftar And My Busy Day About Campus!

Iftar was so yummy! There were chicken cutlets, beef, stuffed cabbage, Okra in a stew type thing, Pigeons (Yup whole pigeons...which are actually quite yummy), stuffed eggplant, something that looked kinda like macaroni and cheese but it wasn't macaroni and cheese, and so much more that I can't even remember right now! I ate with Sarah's fathers side of the family and met some of her Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. They were all really wonderful and spoke really good English. Her one cousin, Mona, from New Jersey (currently living and working in Egypt) was a trip. Sarah's son Dudu was playing with Mona's iPhone and wanted music (He actually asked if Mona had Barney on her was really adorable). So Mona put on Single Ladies by Beyonce and Dudu and Helima started dancing and swaying back and forth. I started laughing and thinking about all the different places I had heard that song in the states! I loved it! It was one of the best moments so far here.

Then we got back to campus and the guards at the gate were joking around with me asking if I had a bomb in my purse. But they don't speak english so they were making gestures and saying BOOM! It was pretty wonderful!

Then woke up early this morning to do orientation things. Which included getting a bag that looks like a laptop case filled with stuff about the school...finally a map and some sort of to do list. So then I signed up for a tour...which I left half way through because the tour group was HUGE and the guy was just walking really really fast and talking as he went. So I couldn't hardly hear anything and I was learning enough just wandering around. Then a group of girls I met and I went to get some lunch at a place here on campus (Sarah you were right to food is good!). Then I spent the rest of the day doing little things like getting an ID card (which took FOREVER and I was so happy to be done with!), and figuring out my schedule.

Oh and BIG NEWS. I went to Residence Life again today and I talked to the Dean (who gave me her mobile phone number to call if my door wasn't fixed today) who finally got someone to come look at my door. The guy tried to close it once...said I need to come back tomorrow then left. (I felt so defeated.) Then I was hanging out tonight and the guy who was activating ID cards saw me and asked about my door. I said it wasn't closing still. So he came up and FIXED MY DOOR! YAY Then I shut it. Escorted him out of the girls area. Went upstairs. Tried to open my door with my ID. It didn't work. I ran downstairs. He came up. Tried to make it work. Then said that my ID had a flaw in it. I have to get a new one tomorrow. (Thats what I get for thinking I was done with ID chaos) I'm going to get up at 8am tomorrow and go right to the ID place and hopefully get one that actually works!

Thats about all thats going on here now. There are some more interesting things that I want to talk about but this is getting REALLY long. So I'm going to say by now!


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  1. That's par for the course,Sarah. I told the school I was bringing a dog BUT as soon as I got Isaac out of quarantine - the sheik came to the flat and told me "no dogs allowed". So I had to move 30 days after arriving. But my door worked:)