August 27, 2009

One the Plane to Frankfurt

On the way to Frankfurt! (Written on the plane….posted once arrived at Frankfurt)

I am to the right of Canada as I write this and full from a really yummy dinner! But don’t let me get ahead of myself. The take off went well. It is really weird looking at the ground as the plane is gaining speed. Mostly because it doesn’t take long at all to realize how small you really are. The things that normally look so large and sprawling, like the roads you drive on ever day, or the banks of trees along the side of the road, shrink into the streaks of water that fall down your car window when it rains, and heads of broccoli bunched together at the grocery store. (Okay so one of the flight attendants totally looks like the actor in A Beautiful Mind like seriously he does….it’s creepy.) Then after we got up off the ground we flew through a TON of clouds. Which I actually like because it feels like you are skiing and they squeak against the plane like snow does against your skis. (Michel Jackson’s music videos are now on the TV….I don’t know why) Then I sat around a bit. Sneakily wiping away tears…the whole thing has caught up to me and slapped me in my face.

But things got better. I had a headache but got a coke and that fixed it. Oh AND OMG ALOCOHOL IS FREE! Lufthansa apparently even on domestic flights has free booze (So says the guy sitting next to me). I was offered but declined due to headache.

Then came the food….and it was amazing. I had pasta with a white sauce and red peppers. It was GOOD. It also came with a salad topped with shrimp, a dinner roll with butter, cheese, and chocolate moose with a strawberry on top for dessert. Then more wine and water was brought around. Then they brought around tea and coffee; which was shortly followed by brandy and Bailey’s. (However, it was not served in a shoe….the lights went off….guess this means I should go to bed…) But I’m just going to keep writing to you!

So I searched the movies available (oh I should also say that in the seat in front of me I have my very own flat screen TV with a variety of movies, TV shows and music to amuse myself with!) and they are 1 ½ Knights, 17 again, Duplicity, Fast And Furious-New Model Original parts, Hanna Montana: The Movie, I Love You Man, Lilly the Witch: The Dragon and the Magic Book, Monsters vs. Aliens, Rab Ne BAna Di Jodi, Race to Witch Mountain, Star Trek XI, and The Tale of Despereaux. I think I might watch Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. It is a Hindi film and one of my favorite hindi actors is in it and I haven’t seen a good Hindi movie in a while so I think it is time. But the sun has set and the lights are off and I also might go to bed. The 27th of August 2009 has officially been the shortest day of my life! I am about to head over the Atlantic! I’m over the Labrador Sea right now! It is 12:38 am in Germany/ Cairo right now and I have four hours and 26 minutes left of my flight.

Many Hellos, I love yous, hugs and kisses to everyone back home!!!


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  1. Soun ds like the plane flight was great anyway! :)