September 17, 2009


So the Egyptian government has shut down my school until October 4th. Why you ask? Well you see there was an outbreak of the piggy flu in Alexandria. Which freaked the Egyptian government they postponed the opening of all of the government run schools. (AUC is not one of them) So my school opened on time....but EVERY other school in Egypt was closed because they are government run.

Then the government get all pushy and told AUC that we HAD to close....even though NO ONE on AUC staff, faculty, or students had the Swine Flu. (Really the Egyptian Gov. was just being the big mean bully on the play ground) Will this help the situation at all. I would say, very confidently, no. First, all of the students are now going to they will come in contact with more germs than if they had stayed in school. Second, the Egyptian government has pretty much screwed over their own country for the next century because they are preventing their future leaders from going to school and getting an education...and they need to go to school so they don't make these same decisions. (I was SO SHOCKED they it was so easy for them to cancel schools like that. They barely batted an eye)

So I am currently planning a trip with some of my friends...I hope it works out! Right now we are thinking about going to Istanbul and Athens...about four days in each. I should be getting a price quote tomorrow and we will see if it is monetarily possible! But this weekend I am going to Luxor and Aswan in Upper Egypt (aka South Egypt...I know it's weird but thats how it works)

Wish me luck with trip planning! and I will be sure to keep you updated!


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  1. Well at least you get to do some traveling. I word of advice though. You were a topic of convo at the dinner table tonight with mom and dad. Take caution of how much bashing you do of the Egyptian Govemment. you never know who might be reading and I didn't say that Anne and Jay did... Anyway enjoy your travels!!!!