September 8, 2009


(pre warning I accidently hit the italics button and can't get it to turn off and be normal...I'm sorry) Ketchup. Every time I order food on campus I am given 5 packets of ketchup.....and I have no idea why! Order pizza, I get ketchup. Order a turkey and cheese sandwich, I get ketchup. Order spaghetti.....and they give you ketchup. WHY?? Especially with foods like pizza, and spaghetti, why? One time I got pizza and I told the guy no ketchup....and he started laughing at me. I don't know why. Maybe they think Americans really like ketchup on everything because they are always trying to give it to us. 

Sometimes when they give you your food they say, "We give you special American ketchup!" (meaning Heinz....but it is all Heinz then I get I being hit on through ketchup innuendo???) I don't know.

In conclusion I want to know if Egyptians think that Americans REALLY like ketchup. Because right now I would totally say that they do. 


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  1. So do the locals also get ketchup with their meals? Because in India people eat Ketchup with EVERYTHING, especially pizza. So it might not be that you are American, but that they all just like ketchup!