September 13, 2009

Dit Dit Dit

Three simple words which mean so much to me!

Last night the Pink Boa had its last party and with the ending of that amazing institution I feel like I need to give thanks to all the the amazing people who have graced that hallowed ground.

Until college I was never able to be truly and completely myself. However, the amazing people I met at St. Mary's and the amazing alum from SMCM have pushed me to finally be comfortable with being me. Thank you so much....and you know who you are! Some of you I knew about even before I met you...and I am so happy you came into my life and blasted away so many of my previous conceptions of the world. Some of you came into my life through others and I couldn't be more grateful for all that you have taught me.

I would not change anything I have done in my life, even the bad things, because they brought me to you.

I miss you all and wish I could have been there with you to hear Dit Dit Dit one more time in the crocodile tears color room! You all are my best friends and my family. Many Kisses and Many Hugs!


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  1. Dearest,
    I was just catching up on your blog and so only now read this post. It made me smile and get a little teary-eyed :) Thank you so much! I love you immensely and am so glad we've shared so much - the Pink Boa may be dead but you know you're always welcome in our new home :)

    PS. Sarah and I will be spinning fire on a roof-top in DC across from the National Cathedral on Wednesday night with some experienced spinners. We're well on our to creating an amazing show for you when you get back and we visit you at SMC! (Which, by the way, I cannot wait to do!)

    Keep having amazing travels (and thanks again! Seriously, you're amazing)