July 22, 2010

I'm so lucky

I got probably the best txt you could ever get yesterday morning when I woke up. My best friend sent me this txt. "You inspired me. I just came out to my home friends as trans." Wow. We haven't had the opportunity to talk about it yet and I really hope that it went well!!! Coming out is a terrifying thing. My best friend is the person who inspired me to write my post about coming out. And continues to inspire me every day.

You are so strong. In the moments when I wanted to blame my sexuality on biology, you made me see that I need to embrace who I am without excuses. You challenge me to think outside of any boxes I encounter. My dear no matter what happens you continue to make me into a better, more truthful, and stronger person. You are my inspiration through and through. And I thank you all the way to the stars.

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